COXA Membership

COXA Membership

Dear Member,

To allow us to continue to flourish as the Clapham Old Xaverian Association we need your membership. Please don't forget to join, do it NOW!

The cost of becoming a regular Member of the Association is only £10 per year.

Annual £10 Membership Standing Order Form

Alternatively you might prefer to make a single, one-off payment and become a Life Member.

The cost of Life Membership varies with age as follows:

80 or over: £20.00
70 or over: £40.00
60 or over: £60.00
50 or over: £100.00

The cost of Annual Membership is £10.00

All other Donations will be gratefully received.
One way of paying is via Direct Debit payment online.

Our information for making online Direct Debit payments

COXA Bank Details:
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 400107
Account No: 90232459

To help us track your Direct Debit payment to us, make sure you add a ‘reference/description’ which allows us to identify ‘you’ and your ‘payment’.

i.e. JSmith LifeMem60
i.e. JSmith AnnualMem10
i.e. JSmith Donate25

Please email us confirming that you have made the online payment: and Please could you also provide us with your full address details.

Many thanks for your help and understanding.